makar [ˈmækər]
n (Literature / Poetry) Scot a creative artist, esp a poet
[a Scot variant of maker]

Friday, March 27, 2015

You know those weeks that end up being something quite different from what you expected? Well, this has certainly been one of those! My children have taken it in turns to be sick, so I have been outsourcing the school run and spending long days at home. This has actually been surprisingly enjoyable, although it has also reminded me of the roller coaster experience of the preschool years: one minute you are enveloped in a wonderful sense of well-being, delighting in the little lives you are nurturing and the next moment, all hell has broken loose and you want to run away screaming, or pull your hair out, or both. I'm hoping for a restful weekend before the homestretch to the school holidays... Anyway, here are a few fabulous sites I discovered this week. Happy weekending!

The Planthunter is an online magazine devoted to celebrating plants and the varied ways humans interact with them. Plants have been inspiring, feeding, sustaining and soothing humans for aeons. The Planthunter documents and celebrates these connections.

At the Kitchen Table is Sophie Dahl's beautiful collaborative website with recipes, reviews, fashion, beauty, and short stories.

Fuck Yeah, Book Arts! is a blog for creative types interested in the (un)conventional world of Book Arts.

Creative Women's Circle: "If you value the handmade, the personal touch, the word-of-mouth, the friendly tip or the grassroots movement: you belong here." Creative Women’s Circle is a community of women involved in creative industries who share information, inspiration and ideas.

Sam Meeking's #5minutestories: "These are the shortest of short stories to experience on a busy commute, or while stuck in a waiting room. They are the perfect length to be enjoyed on a coffee break, or with a cup of tea (biscuits are optional but certainly recommended). They will entertain you, and always leave you with something to ponder."

Kate Berry's Lunch Lady, where I found a delicious, easy, and healthy recipe for chocolate mousse. Yum! Gorgeous photographs and lots of inspirational recipes.

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  1. Some really great links, thank you. Love The interesting!


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