makar [ˈmækər]
n (Literature / Poetry) Scot a creative artist, esp a poet
[a Scot variant of maker]

Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm pretty toughened to rejections but they still hurt, especially on a Monday morning when you're feeling a little delicate (I really don't have a good relationship with Mondays). Every time I get a rejection, all these thoughts flash through my head: who am I kidding? I can't write. I'm never going to write anything that anyone wants to read or publish. I've got no talent. I should just give up, do something else. Maybe I could be a florist...

And then I start to reassemble myself, piece by piece, until I'm back again: dreaming up stories as I wait for the bus, scrawling in my notebook while the toddler sleeps, trying to figure out the intricacies of a character and be present for my children. Just muddling through because I'm rubbish at everything else (okay, I'm quite good at making cakes) and because writing is the only thing that makes my heart sing. 

A little later today, this quotation from Junot Diaz popped up in my Twitter feed and it felt like a message; a reminder to move on and to just keep writing:

"You see, in my view a writer is a writer not because she writes well and easily, because she has amazing talent, because everything she does is golden. In my view a writer is a writer because even when there is no hope, even when nothing you do shows any sign of promise, you keep writing anyway."

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