makar [ˈmækər]
n (Literature / Poetry) Scot a creative artist, esp a poet
[a Scot variant of maker]

Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's almost 8 years ago, but I think about her every single day. I see her in my girl's passion and determination; in my boy's dreaminess and intensity; and, in particular, in my baby boy's readiness to smile and laugh at all the wonders of life. I am the age she was when she had me. I wonder what she would think of me; of my life and my choices. If only she could have met these little people that rule my world. It may not hurt like it once did, but I still miss her.

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  1. Sweet post.. I'm so sorry for your loss. My husband lost his father six years ago and I think we've both come to realize that it's not something you ever stop carrying around. The weight of it changes, but it's always there...especially now that we have these little people.

    It's been nice having you stop by my blog...thanks for your kind words!


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