makar [ˈmækər]
n (Literature / Poetry) Scot a creative artist, esp a poet
[a Scot variant of maker]

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I've fallen out of love with blogging of late, and I've been trying to work out why. Partly, it's that we've had a bad run of illness and the lack of sleep that goes with that, but I also think it runs a little deeper. Sometimes I worry that in my bid to focus on the joyful, creative, fabulous side of caring for small children at home, I present an unrealistic depiction of ours lives. I know that when I look at certain blogs, I can feel quite overwhelmed by how much other mothers seem to achieve. I barely have the time or the energy to keep my house tidy and clean, let alone sew my children clothes, or knit, or make jam, or dream up wonderful craft activities for everyone to do. I don't have an abundance of help, but I certainly haven't got it as hard as some. There are afternoons, when hanging out a load of washing feels like a major achievement! While, I'm proud of the things that we do make and create, I would hate for my blog to make another mum feel inadequate. Basically, I want to celebrate and inspire, not brag. It's all too easy to slip into competitive mothering mode, when really we should be connecting with one another.

Anyway, I thought I'd post some "reality" photos to counterbalance all the the glossy, magazine shoot, "this-is-my-perfect-life" stuff. This is what my house looks like on quite a good day:

In other news, we made Honey Cakes from Inner Pickle's recipe - they were so yummy and super easy to make.


  1. Fantastic Kim! You should check our house out, much the same... it's a bit better now that Shoni's older, but not much. At least you've got the newspaper there and it looks read - I gave up buying it because we wouldn't even find time to look at it!

    For a great blog with realistic life stories check out Apron Strings, especially this post

  2. No perfect over here! I loved this post. Completely understand and agree. If I am feeling really brave I may just post similar shots in solidarity. We are now in hotel room and we have bombed it just as if we were at home. I too am v much over the "magazine" home ideal.

  3. Oh, what you don't see on other bloggers' posts! If you came for a visit, you'd see our messes as well (and we even have 2 teens, 1 almost teen and 1 pre-teen who all help make the mess but for some 'odd' reason, are helpless when it comes to cleaning up!) Take cheer! I know what you mean about blogging interest - sometimes you don't know what to say or take a photo of and you feel burnt out or disinterested. It ebbs & flows, like reality.

  4. Thank you for your post. Feeling a bit out of sorts lately with housework and why cant my house be picture perfect. I can take a deep breath. Thank You!

  5. Kim, I loved this post. How refreshing to look at someone else's mess instead of my own for a change! Some days I set out to tidy it all up and I end up following the kids around as they move from project to project - it's like a race to make mess / clean up mess. Just unrealistic!

    I remember once apologising to someone who popped in for the state of my house (she didn't have kids) and she replied that it was a 'happy mess'. I've never forgotten that - it made me feel much better. Your place is a happy mess too - it's alive and energetic and full of love and learning and doing and making.


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