makar [ˈmækər]
n (Literature / Poetry) Scot a creative artist, esp a poet
[a Scot variant of maker]

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here are a few books that I'm reading at the moment, and yes, I do always read several at a time!

Ghosting: A Double Life by Jennie Erdal
(Just delicious - I am savouring every moment of this one!)

The Lucky Ones by Rachel Cusk
(The first story in this collection of interconnecting tales blew me away. I'm still reeling from its intensity but eager to read more...)

The Kitchen Diaries by Nigel Slater
(One of my favourite cookbooks - I lent it to someone and now that I have it back, I'm rediscovering it all over again. It's a goody.)

Puffling by Margaret Wild and Julie Vivas
(A beautiful story with beautiful illustrations - it's been a bedtime must for a couple of weeks now.)

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